our services


Heating, Cooling & Appliance Technique Inc
  • Service, repair and preventive maintenance for ALL brands air conditioning systems, furnaces, heaters and control
  • Installation of central heating and cooling systems for remodeling and new construction
  • Change out, upgrade and modification for existing HVAC system
  • Repair and replacement air ducts, installation air cleaners, purifiers, humidifiers for hire air quality. Perform zoning design for comfort and energy efficiency
  • Install high efficiency, solar friendly, ductless mini-slit systems for single and multi-zone application, HEAT PUMP and COOLING ONLY
  • Installation multi tusk temperature controls for maximum comfort


  • Installation commercial grade ducts for multi-family buildings, offices, warehouses
  • Installation commercial HVAC equipment: packages, exhaust and supply fans
  • Design and installation mini-split ductless, low-profile ducted and multi-position ducted HVAC systems with VRF technology


  • Service and repair walk-in coolers, freezers, display cases, beer coolers, ice machines
  • Service and maintenance water chillers, fan-coils, automations and controls for systems commercial comfort air conditioning
  • Repair, service and maintenance ALL brands of residential fridges, freezers, vine coolers